Place your ad in the Transformer Oil – Application aspects book

We are delighted to announce the upcoming release of our new book titled Transformer Oils – Application aspects, authored by Dr. C. S. Narasimhan.

As the title says, the book deals with several practical aspects related to the use of mineral oil in any transformer. The major topics covered in the book are the following:

  • Condition monitoring of oil in service
  • Oil ageing and its impact on transformers
  • Preventive and corrective actions related to oil ageing such as reconditioning and reclamation
  • Copper corrosion and its mitigation
  • Dynamic moisture equilibrium and online monitoring systems to prevent transformer failures
  • Use and abuse of chemical markers for insulation paper degradation such as furan and methanol
  • DGA and stray gassing interpretation methodologies
  • Ester fluids and their comparison with mineral oils in chemical and dielectric behaviour and transformer design implications
  • Nanofluids.

All the subjects mentioned above (except nanofluids) are hot topics for oil manufacturers, transformer manufacturers and utility chemists and engineers who manage the assets. The book is also expected to be educational for students who are pursuing their graduation or research in the field of oils and transformers.

Use this limited opportunity to place your ad and get visibility in this book. Contact us for more details on the timing and pricing.