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You may be interested in submitting an article for one of our future editions.

Publishing with us has been a positive experience for many of our contributing authors and their companies, giving them global exposure and attention in the transformers industry.

Articles published in our magazine are of exquisite technical and graphical quality and may later serve as a prime quality marketing material with a credible reference.

Would you like to get noticed in the transformers industry, increase your business opportunities or advance your professional career?

Publishing with us may help you achieve this.

If you wish to see your paper published on the pages of one of our next editions, send us your draft paper or feel free to send us your topic with a proposed deadline.

Why publish with TM?

Publishing articles with Transformers Magazine provides authors with an unparalleled opportunity to receive global attention in the transformers industry, while at the same time presenting an opportunity for their company to efficiently communicate to the global market.

What to publish?

We publish professionalscientific-technical and business articles, as well as advertorials, on topics listed in the Topics document. Technical articles are subject to peer review, while advertorials are not.

Before you start, consider how your article could fit into these topics. You are welcome to suggest a different topic as long as it is related to transformers. Please ensure that you write in the correct style and that you include all necessary information.
It is also important that you have available all images (graphs, diagrams, pictures) used in the article as they will be required for publication of your article.

How to submit the manuscript?

Submit your original article in a Word document to in the font and size specified in the Transformers Magazine Article Template.

Using the Article Template is mandatory.

Note: If any part of your work has previously been published, you must inform us of this in writing—or you legally guarantee our right to publish.
For previously published parts of the work elsewhere, you are obliged to obtain the necessary approval from the copyright owner.

Acceptance and publication

We will acknowledge your article once we receive it. We make decisions to accept or reject articles as quickly as possible on the basis of an independent peer-review. The review process usually takes a few weeks.

We plan months in advance for each issue, so expect several months between submission and publication. Our editors will help you elevate the quality of your work.

Once your article is approved, we will send you a copy of the edited article before it goes to press. You will be entitled to a hard copy of the magazine in which your article appears, as well as a complimentary one-year digital subscription to Transformers Magazine.

After publication

Merit Media Int. reserves all rights to use published materials in any form.

Feel free to feature your Transformers Magazine work on your website, in your portfolio, etc. The more you feature it in your personal sphere, the more traction and traffic your article will get.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your submissions!

Editorial team of Transformers Magazine