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Transformer Oil Course – Intermediate Level

Transformer Oil Course covers basic, intermediate and master’s level. You can subscribe individually, or to all levels at once.

Intermediate level topics are listed here:

1. Mineral Oils in Service – Storage, handling, filling into transformers, limits for parameters before energizing, testing oils for compatibility, sampling of oil

2. Condition monitoring of oils in service, their limits and recommended actions, interaction among oil parameters, sampling precaution for water

3. Reconditioning and reclaiming of mineral oils – Criteria for making decisions, and methods employed

4. Gassing tendency, stray gassing and DGA – Definitions, test methods and their importance for a transformer in operation

5. Additives in oil – Their chemistry, conferred benefits and pitfalls

6. Alternative fluids – R-temp, silicones, esters, GTL fluids – their origin and comparison with mineral oils and among themselves