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Power blackout in Argentina

South America’s power blackout raised questions about the stability and security of the power infrastructure in Argentina, country most affected by the outage.

Abengoa wins interconnection contract for a wind farm in Argentina

Argentina, Patagonia: Abengoa has been awarded a contract by Aluar, the company engaged in the aluminium sector, for the installation of a substation and the section of line that proceeds to a wind farm that Aluar is building in Puerto Madryn in Argentine Patagonia.

Abengoa wins $30M transformer station contract in Argentina

Argentine, Buenos Aires: Abengoa has been awarded a contract by Transener SA, Argentine high-voltage electric transmission company, to build a new transformer station in the town of 25 de mayo in the east of the country, in the Buenos Aires Province.

Abengoa upgrading transformer stations in Argentina

Argentina: Abengoa has been awarded a $2 million transformer station extension project by the Management Committee of Fideicomiso de Obras de Transporte de Argentina (FOTAE).

EBY delivers new transformer station in Garupa, Argentina

Argentina, Misiones: A new 33/13.2 kV transformer station has been delivered by Entidad Binacional Yacyretá (Yacyreta Binational Entity) to the provincial electric utility, Electricidad de Misiones SA, located at Nodo Vial in Garupa, in the Argentine province of Misiones.

SAPEM installs a new transformer in Catamarca capital

Argentina, Catamarca: Catamarca Province Governor and president of the local energy company EC SAPEM oversaw the work on the installation of a 20 MVA transformer at the South transformer station located in the province capital San Fernando del Valle.
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