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Electrical insulation paper market report 2017-2025

A research study on the global electrical insulation paper market has been made available, titled “Electrical Insulation Paper Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025”.

Burbank looks to upgrade aging electrical substations

USA, California: Some of the electrical substations in Burbank, California, a home to many film and media companies, are more than 60 years old, but an upcoming development project in the new Golden State District could help update the city’s electrical infrastructure.

Will Trump’s China trade policy impact GOES prices?

Metal Miner’s analyst has examined the impact of President-elect Trump’s China trade policy on grain-oriented electrical steel markets and prices, concluding that whichever policy the President-elect chooses, it should not significantly influence the U.S. GOES market.

ABB to deliver electrical solution for flood barrier project in Venice

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB will supply the complete integrated electrical and automation system for an experimental electro mechanic module Mo.S.E. in Venice, Italy, which is a flood barrier system designed to block the high tides and storm surges that enter the Venetian Lagoon.

China imposes tariff on EU steel imports

United Kingdom, London: The Chinese government has announced it will impose the tariff on grain-oriented electrical steel imports from the European Union, South Korea and Japan, saying imports from abroad were causing substantial damage to its domestic steel industry.

German experts arriving in Sri Lanka to inspect faulty transformers

Sri Lanka: German transformer experts are due to arrive in Sri Lanka on Monday 21 March to inspect some 30 electrical transformers and recommend ways to prevent countrywide power failures after two identical transformers exploded and caught fire at Biyagama and Kotugoda substations last week, causing island-wide blackout.