Eskom resumes stage 2 loadshedding

South Africa: Eskom announced this morning that it will continue with stage 2 loadshedding from 9:00 today (Friday) until 6:00 on Monday 3 February.

South Africa plunges back into darkness

South Africa: South Africans were advised by state-owned enterprise Eskom that emergency loadshedding would be implemented as unplanned breakdowns were above 10,500 MW, impacting the utility's ability to meet the current demand.

$11 B green energy plan to save Eskom

South Africa: A plan to establish the world’s largest green-energy financing initiative is being threshed out in South Africa, which needs to reduce its environmental footprint and find innovative ways to fund debt-stricken state power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.

New committee to save Eskom

A Presidential Cabinet Committee on Eskom has been formed to brief President Cyril Ramaphosa on progress made to resolve the challenges at the power utility.

Eskom Board rotates Group Chief Executive role

South Africa: The Eskom Board has decided to rotate current executives in the role of Interim Group Chief Executive to ensure exposure, and announced the appointment of Sean Maritz, Eskom’s CIO and group executive for information technology, as the Interim Group Chief Executive with immediate effect.