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Six U.S. utilities sign to test new transmission grid resilience fix

As the electric utilities industry in the U.S. is working to strengthen the power grid in the face of extreme weather events and man-made threats, six major U.S. utilities have initially joined together to advance a grid recovery system that would quickly give them access to critical transmission replacement equipment.

Xcel Energy implementing $3B transmission grid expansion

USA, Texas: Xcel Energy is implementing a number of electricity transmission projects within its larger “Power for the Plains” effort, a $3 billion investment program aimed at expanding the company’s power transmission network in Texas and New Mexico by 2021.

Gateway West transmission project receives approval

USA, Idaho: The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management has approved routes for segments of the Gateway West transmission line project in southwestern Idaho, connecting previously authorized routes in southern Wyoming and eastern Idaho.

China creating great business opportunities for the bushings market

According to the recent study by Markets and Markets on the global electrical bushings market, China with its estimated cumulative investment of $280 billion on the expansion of its ultra-high voltage grid between 2015 and 2020 is creating great business opportunities for the global bushings market.

Vinci Energies wins $242M T&D contract in Senegal

VINCI Energies has won the Société d’Electricité du Sénégal (SENELEC) contract to install five new extra high voltage transformer stations, nearly 200 km of overhead and underground EHV transmission lines, and over 100 distribution substations in various parts of the country and a regional load dispatch centre.

New substation to connect Alliant’s power plant to the grid

USA, Wisconsin: Wisconsin state utility regulators approved a $42 million transmission line to be built by American Transmission Company (ATC) in order to connect the Alliant Riverside electric power plant under construction in the Town of Beloit to the electrical grid.

American utilities prepare for a nuclear threat to the grid

USA: America’s electricity industry has been on alert following the announcement from North Korea that it had developed a hydrogen bomb, adding that it could be used for a “super-powerful” high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attack, reports The Economist.

Snohomish County to modernize its power grid at $23.6M

USA, Washington: The Snohomish County Public Utility District has started on a two-year, $23.6 million project that will include building a new substation as well as upgrades to existing substations, distribution and transmission lines.

DOE emergency transformer study moves to Trump’s queue

USA, Washington D.C.: The U.S. Energy Department’ study on how to create an emergency stockpile of power grid transformers was supposed to be completed by the Obama administration, but the issue now lands in a crowded in-basket for President Trump's designated DOE secretary.