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WEG supplies transformers to Chile

Chile, Antofagasta: With discontinuation of coal power plants in the country by 2040, renewable sources become a key step in reaching a sustainable energy grid.

US levies 60.81% anti-dumping duties on S. Korean power transformers

South Korean power transformer manufacturer Hyundai Electric and Energy Systems has been informed by the U.S. Commerce Department of a decision to impose an anti-dumping duty of 60.81 % on its large power transformers shipped to the U.S. between August of 2015 and July of 2016, reports KBS World.

ITC to consider removing tariffs on Korean transformers

USA, New York: The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has launched a review of anti-dumping duties on South Korean power transformers, which may be removed if the agency finds that the products are no longer posing a threat to domestic energy companies.

Transformer Oil Market to grow to $ 2.46 billion by 2017

USA: Transformer oil market is expected to grow from $ 1.59 billion in 2012 to $ 2.46 billion by 2017 according to the report Transformer Oil Market: By Types (Mineral Oil - Naphthenic and Paraffinic, Silicone and Bio-based), Applications (Small and Large Transformers, Utility) and Geography - Global Industry Trends and Forecast to 2017.

Power transformers pose weakness in the electric grid

LPTs are custom-designed and cost millions of dollars to replace. Due to their weight between 100 and 400 tons apiece, they are extremely difficult to transport. According to a 2012 Energy Department report, the replacement of LPTs could take 20 months or more due to the complex procurement rules for the technology and the fluctuating price of copper and electrical steel in recent years.