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New HVDC line to link Texas and Southeast

USA: Pattern Energy is preparing for the construction of the 644-km HVDC Southern Cross transmission project that will link Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, and has applied for a preferred route for the line.

Emerald Transformer opens a new factory in Mississippi

USA, Mississippi: A North American transformer equipment services provider, Emerald Transformer, has launched a new factory in Lexington, Mississippi, adding to its four existing facilities located throughout the United States.

Ergon expands operations in Asia

USA, Mississippi: Ergon, currently the world's largest producer of naphthenic specialty products and second largest manufacturer of bright stock, has announced continued global expansion with a new bulk storage terminal in Ulsan, South Korea, as well as a new regional office in Singapore.

$1 million transformer arrives in Tupelo

USA, Mississippi: A new $1 million power transformer has arrived to the southwest substation in Tupelo, Mississippi, after a piece of equipment malfunctioned in June, causing the transformer on Cliff Gookin Blvd. to explode.