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Nuclear plant unexpectedly shuts down due to transformer issue

USA, Washington: Columbia Generating Station, a nuclear power plant in south-eastern Washington, shut down unexpectedly at the end of last week as the plant’s systems detected a problem with electrical distribution and automatically disconnected the main power transformers from the grid.

16 people back at work at Sackville transformer factory

Canada, Ontario: Two years after Moloney Electric closed business in February 2016, laying off 60 employees, and a few months after Ontario’s power transformer maker Cam Tran Co. bought the plant, 16 employees are back at work, repairing and manufacturing pole-top transformers, reports CBC.

Fermi 2 nuclear plant back online

USA, Michigan: DTE Energy’s Fermi 2 nuclear reactor is back online after an unplanned shutdown on 14 April kept the facility idle for three weeks.

Degraded transformer cables spur inspection at Oconee NPP

USA, South Carolina: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has started a specialized inspection at the Oconee Nuclear Station near Seneca, South Carolina, to assist in assessing degraded power cables on start-up transformers for two of the plant’s three units.

LAE and Trafogrid Alliance: success with Uralsk Transformer Plant

To be selected as the main machines suppliers for a complete transformer production plant is quite something. As main suppliers of URALSK Transformer Plant, LAE and Trafogrid Alliance are very proud to note that the factory, now the primary producer of electrical transformers in Kazakhstan, will soon reach its full production capacity.