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Pakistan to add 74,448 MW to national grid by 2040

Pakistan has chalked out a comprehensive plan to develop 120 new power projects in a bid to add 74,448 MW of production capacity to the system till 2040, mostly from hydro, domestic coal and renewable sources including wind and solar.

Afghanistan signs contracts for $267M power projects

The Afghan government has signed new contracts with private companies for the execution of two major power projects worth around $267 million, which make part of the $1.17 billion Central Asian transmission project CASA-1000.

Egypt plans 3 power projects worth $7B

Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity has finalised negotiations for three power projects valued at $7 billion and is ready to finalize the contracts for all three projects.

Telangana planning power projects generating 25,000 MW in total

MEDAK: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced that his government is about to commence power projects which will generate 25,000 MW in total. The plan is to invest over Rs 90,000 crore ($14 billion) in the period of the next four years.
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