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Honduran grid requires $364 M to cover demand

Honduras: Required investment to reduce losses and improve reliability and service quality of Honduras’ power transmission grid reaches $364 M, according to system operator ODS.

TBEA test ester oil transformer

China: Chinese transformer manufacturer Tebian Electric Apparatus (TBEA) has released details about a new transformer using natural transformer oils.

KE to invest $3 B in next four years

Pakistan: Aamir Ghaziani, Chief Financial Officer of KE said that K-Electric (KE) is committed towards Karachi and its growth with an investment of $3 B over the next four years across the value chain at the Corporate Analyst Briefing session held at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Wednesday.

$5.2 M substation expansion in Iran

Iran: The first phase of a 132 kV substation in Choram County came online and construction on the second phase started, the Iranian Energy Ministry news portal Paven reported.

Lightning strikes hits transformer causing damage

The storm that moved through Plumas County last night brought numerous lightning strikes to Quincy and hit several areas including a home on Bresciani Circle, the transformer at Quincy High School and a wellhouse at Wilburn Construction.