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Expanding energy access in Sudan

The United Nations Development Programme has released a roadmap to unlock the potential of Sudan’s renewable energy and expand energy access.

Middle East Energy

The Middle East’s energy and utilities sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, with the shift towards renewable energy and digital innovation.

UHVDC and UHVAC transformers

As renewables increasingly become part of power generation, the need to transmit energy over greater distances with reduced losses becomes ever more desirable.

$1 B project in Chile to integrate more renewable energy

Chilean president Sebastian Pinera officially inaugurated the 753 km Cardones-Polpaico transmission line that will enable the transport of renewable energy from the regions in the north to consumer points in Chile’s south.

Japan funds $17M renewable energy project in Guyana

Guyana, Georgetown: Japan is funding a $17 million renewable energy project in Guyana that should see an improvement of the capital’s electricity generation system and the introduction of a solar energy system at the locally-based headquarters of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

REN and ONEE to propose Portugal-Morocco interconnection project

REN and ONEE – Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable of Morocco were mandated by the Governments of Portugal and Morocco to submit, within six months, a preliminary draft proposal for the construction and financing model for the construction of the Portugal-Morocco electric interconnection, reports Compelo Energy.

New Mexico to consider approval for $2B transmission project

USA, New Mexico: Developers of a $2 billion transmission project that will serve as a path to get renewable energy from New Mexico and Arizona to large markets in the American Southwest are waiting for final approvals as they move toward starting construction on two massive transmission lines and other infrastructure.