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Pfiffner has acquired Haefely

Pfiffner International AG, a solution supplier for customers in the sectors of electrical energy and rolling stock, has announced the acquisition of Haefely Test AG.

ABB’s orders decline, but cost savings improve profitability

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB said the company’s third-quarter orders declined 14 percent due to the hesitation of customers although the cost-saving programs helped improve the Swiss power transformer maker's profit margin, according to the official press release.

World-record voltage level transformer energized in India

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB has developed, manufactured and energized a 1,200 kV ultra-high-voltage power transformer to support India’s plans to build a 1,200 kV transmission system, supplementing the existing 400 kV and 800 kV transmission grids.

New shunt reactors and autotransformers for Spanish grid

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB has received orders to supply gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and shunt reactors to Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the transmission agent and operator of the Spanish electricity system, to support the upgrade of the electricity transmission infrastructure on the Canary Islands.

New UHVDC transformer bushings for record power transmission

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB has developed an UHVDC transformer bushing capable of handling 10,000 MW of direct current electrical power rated for 800 kV, which enables larger transmissions of power over longer distances.

$85M orders to strengthen Quebec grid

Switzerland, Zurich: Canadian utility Hydro-Québec (HQ) has placed orders with ABB worth over $85 million to upgrade its 800 kV air-insulated switchgear (AIS) substations and transmission grid with new power transformers, shunt reactors and circuit breakers.

New energy-efficient traction transformer launched

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB has launched a new traction transformer designed to reduce the weight of on-board components and ensure more energy-efficient rail networks, according to the manufacturer statement.

Scientists develop new method to help design better transformers

Researchers at the Switzerland’s Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have found a way of looking inside the iron core of transformers, a significant step towards understanding how transformers work today and in the development of more efficient transformers in the future.

ABB announces Q2 results

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB presented the results of the second quarter of 2016, highlighting solid progress on profitability.

Statnett awards $30 million substation contract

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB has won an order worth more than $30 million from Norway’s transmission system operator Statnett for two substations that will strengthen grid reliability and boost power supplies in Norway.

ABB upgrades first major HVDC link in U.S. transmission history

Switzerland, Zurich: ABB has completed the upgrade of the Celilo HVDC (high-voltage direct current) converter station in Oregon, part of Pacific Intertie, the first major HVDC link in U.S. transmission history, originally commissioned by ABB in 1970.