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Summer school

Transformers Academy Summer School 2023

Welcome to the Transformers Academy Summer School! If you love learning new skills and brushing up the old ones, we have great news for you!

Open registrations for lesson #18 in Transformer oil course

The 18th lesson in the Transformer oil course, titled Moisture dynamics – Part I, is now available for registration. The course is authored na hosted by Mr. C. S Narasimhan, and the lesson is presented on the Master’s level.

Transformer testing course - e-lesson #12 - 850 x 400 illustration

Induced voltage test and PD measurement

Lesson #12 in Balazs Sztari’s Transformer testing course is open for registration. It will be conducted on the Intermediate level, on March 27, at 2PM CET.

Transformer testing course - e-lesson #11 - 850 x 400

Line terminal AC withstand lesson

Balazs Sztari’s Transformer Testing Course continues. The title of the 11th lesson is Line terminal AC withstand and it’s open for registration.