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$100 M for advanced network projects in Croatia and Slovenia

Croatia: In TS Konjsko, works have begun on the construction of the most modern static VAR compensator (SVC) in the second European project of advanced SINCRO.GRID networks.

It is the most innovative project lead by the European Commission in the field of advanced networks, participated by Croatian and Slovenian transmission and distribution system operators. The project is co-financed from the European Fund for Strategic Investments in the amount of $45.7 M (€40.5 M), while its total value is $100 M (€88.5 M). Investments in Croatia amount to $30 M (HRK200 M).

The project aims to solve the challenges in running the power system in the form of excessive voltages and eliminating congestion in the power grid. The successful implementation of the project will enable an acceptable level of security of operation of the electricity system and provide preconditions for new renewable energy sources.

“This is a great example of a domestic project based on innovative technology with international recognition. I am glad that the companies within the HEP Group have been successful in extracting money from the EU funds. We are especially happy that SINCRO.GRID is a project that showed that as a country we have the knowledge, intelligence, and abilities for the most complex projects,” said Minister of Health Vili Beroš.

“In the territory of the Republic of Croatia, 4 key units of the project are planned. The first unit is the installation of a SVC in TS Mraclin near Zagreb, which was put into permanent operation in January this year. The second unit is the installation of another SVC in TS Melina near Rijeka, whose works are in progress with the expected commissioning at the end of this year. The third is the installation of a SVC in TS Konjsko, which we are just starting today. The fourth unit, a joint Croatian-Slovenian virtual control center, which is a unique, unprecedented solution in coordinated voltage regulation in the entire territory of the two countries, with the basic task of integrating three reactive energy compensation devices in Croatia and three in Slovenia into harmonious operation. This complex project represents an innovative solution whose concept is already being followed by the neighboring countries, ” said Tomislav Plavšić, the President of HOPS’ Board of Directors, during the presentation of the project.

With the SVC in TS Konjsko, Croatia will be the first in the Southeast Europe to have the most modern solution for voltage regulation in the transmission network, said Boris Miljavac, President of the Management Board of Siemens Energy.

Source: HOPS