New transformers for Clorinda and Las Lomitas in Argentina

The Ministry of Economy in Argentina has completed the signing of the contract for the supply, transportation, installation supervision and assistance to the commissioning of new power transformers in Clorinda and Las Lomitas, Argentina.

The executive coordinator assigned an engineer Stella Maris Manzur and the representatives of the leading companies Tadeoi Czerweny SA and SACI Vasile for the Central Unit Programme Management (UCAP).

The above contracts include the manufacturing of two transformers, a 132/33/13, 2KV – 30/30/30 MVA transformer and a 132/33/13, 2KV – 30/20/30 MVA transformer.

The Minister of Economy, Dr Jorge Ibanez and the governor Gildo Insfran signed the contract during the industrial plant tour.

They reported that the manufacturing of the transformers is almost complete and the transformers will be transported to the soon-to-be transformer station in La Nueva Formosa.

The contract comes as a part of the agreement signed by the provincial government with the Ministry of Federal Planning Office.

Source: El Comercial

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