Endesa expands high voltage substation Fargue in Granada

Endesa has completed work on implementation and adaptation of facilities and technological tools necessary for the commissioning of two new high voltage transformers for the Fargue substation in Granada, Spain.

The substation is scheduled to become operational as normal this week with the two new 220/66 kV transformers to increase the capacity of high-voltage substation to 240 MW.

Endesa stated that the work required for installation of transformers, whose budget, including partners, amounted to $3.4 million, has ensured the quality and capacity of electric power transmission in the entire metropolitan area.

The two new transformers, connected to the 220 kV Caparacena substation located in Atarfe, allow and facilitate optimal network reconfiguration with more balanced distribution, while enabling quick recovery in a case of power failure.

Source: Radio Granada