Yacyreta power generating unit 8 operates normally after transformer failure

After the incident occurring on the 2nd November 2013, when an automatic disconnection was triggered by a power transformer fault in Yacyreta Dam, between Corrientes (Argentina) and Ayolas (Paraguay), Yacyreta Binational Entity officially reported that the unit now operates normally.

The report states that the incident presumably happened during the turns of high voltage windings in the insulation of the transformer when an electrical grounding was caused. This triggered the displacement of the insulating oil and subsequent shut down of the equipment.

As a result of the incident, no damage has occurred in the turbine or the generator and there were no injured plant operators.

Preliminary analysis indicates that the incident was related to the external causes such as inadequate operational maneuvers. Further analysis will be conducted with the participation of specialists sent by the equipment manufacturer and independent technical auditors.

Yacyreta Binational Entity is taking further steps to minimise the impact of service output generated by the unit No. 8. and dealing with the formalities of the insurance coverage for the equipment damage caused by the incident.

Source: 6 Digital