Second transformer to provide relief for Marlow’s power supply

USA, Oklahoma: A  second power transformer has been installed to provide relief for Marlow’s only transformer and prevent dependence on one transformer.

The power transformer came from Southwest Electric, where it had been stored for the past 18 months. It arrived Friday and was transported by truck and transplanted by crane, reports Duncan Banner.

“It gives us flexibility to maintain and repair our transformers. We’ve had one transformer forever.” Marlow City Administrator Jason McPherson said, adding that the project has been going on for years.

Marlow has four currents, all of which operate on only one transformer. With the second transformer, each will run two currents meaning if one goes down, the other transformer will run all four currents without interruption to the customers.

With two transformers running two currents, the possibility of overloading a single transformer will be significantly reduced. The project will be complete within 60 to 75.

Source: Duncan Banner