Scales to deliver large power transformer to Rulhat station

France, Pont du Château: Scales, a company specialising in heavy transport, is in charge of a power transformer transport to the Rulhat station near Clermont.

“This is a transformer with a capacity of 600 MVA, which will be installed in the Rulhat station. The transformer alone weighs 170 tonnes and along with the transport vehicle, abnormal load is 390 tonnes.” says Scales.

Rulhat substation is a key element for national coverage by EDF and RTE for the delivery and distribution of power, reports Creusot Infos.

On Monday, the convoy was loaded from the AREVA facilities in the port on the Saint-Marcel in southern Burgundy. Tomorrow, the convoy will travel to Donjon à Magnet, then to Magnet à Bellerive. The last step to the final destination will be made Friday night. 

Source: Creusot Infos
Image: Alain Bollery (Copyright)