Transformers and power lines damaged in simulated attack on power grid

Nearly 10,000 electrical engineers, cybersecurity specialists, utility executives and F.B.I. agents were taking part in a simulation of cyberattack affecting consumers from Washington to California.

The imaginary enemy injected computer viruses into grid control systems, bombed transformers and substations and knocked out power lines, trying to turn out the lights across America. By Thursday morning hundreds of transmission lines and transformers were declared damaged or destroyed, and the engineers were rushing to work out how to repair the system.

There were 150 “casualties” in the simulation but no one actually touched the operating equipment, although some companies checked the status of their key transformers.

Simulation participants were not permitted to talk about the locations which were “attacked” as they were known to be vulnerable to attack and the companies taking part in the simulation were promised not be publically criticised regarding their performance.

Source: The New York Times