Transnoa transformer explosion causes restricted power supply

The explosion of a power transformer yesterday at Rebaje 9 de julio substation, owned by Transnoa, caused power outages in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The cause of the fire was initiated by the breaking of one of the transformer’s components according to the officials. The local distributor stated that power cuts will be imposed according to the usage demand until the transformer is replaced.

Yesterday morning around 1.40 a.m. the neighbours alerted firefighters after seeing the substation on fire. Large explosion caused fire to spread to the lines which immediately cut power supply to hundreds of users.

The conference regarding the repair of the transformer will be held today. Clean-up efforts to make space for new equipment have already begun. Employees at the scene said, “We are working to identify the specific fault and removing the burnt transformer.”

Yesterday hundreds of users had no power supply due to the transformer fire. The distribution company was forced to suspend power supply to certain areas so it can be transferred to other areas until the transformer is replaced.

Source: El EsquiĂş