Doble Engineering Company announces doblePRIME for transformer monitoring

USA, Massachusetts: Doble Engineering Company announced a new, all-inclusive monitoring solution designed to evaluate overall transformer condition – doblePRIME, providing a comprehensive picture of transformer health.

Available in November, 2014, doblePRIME features a dashboard with two distinct views: 1. doblePRIME View with data integration, or 2. doblePRIME Analytics with data integration, aggregation and embedded intelligence, reports Sys Con Media.

The following Doble products naturally incorporate into a doblePRIME platform, or may be used as individual monitoring devices: doblePRIME Delphi DGA, doblePRIME IDD Bushing Monitor, doblePRIME Domino, doblePRIME PD-Guard, dobleARMS.

Source: Sys Con Media
Image: Doble Engineering Company (Copyright)