Lipetskenergo to carry out power projects worth RUB 1.78 billion ($47 million)

Russia, Lipetsk Oblast: Lipetskenergo is planning reconstruction of 110/10/6 kV Yugo-Zapadnaya substation and construction of 110 kV Rozhdestvo substation.

The final phase of the reconstruction of Yugo-Zapadnaya substation in Lipetsk will include installation of the third transformer of 40 MVA. The upgrade will improve the quality of power supply to customers and meet the growing energy needs of the urban infrastructure.

One of the most important long term projects for the company is the construction of the 110 kV Rozhdestvo substation with two power transformers with a capacity of 25 MVA. The substation will be the power source for the Industrial Park, Motorinvest LLC. The company will invest RUB 110 million ($2.9 million) in the project.  

Lipetskenergo will also invest in mobile substations under construction in Romanovo.

In 2014, RUB 1.78 billion ($47 million) will be invested in the implementation of the programme for the development of the Lipetsk Oblast.

Source: Energy Land