MSEDCL to link power network to its server

The Nagpur district’s power network is currently  being linked to MSEDCL’s computer server in Maharashtra, India as a part of centrally funded R-APDRP scheme.

In order to link the network, MSEDCL is installing advanced meters and modems on feeders and  transformers, which will enable MSEDCL’s central office to detect power usage of any transformer at any given moment. In this way, the company will be able to create usage patterns and be aware of possible power theft by anyone supplied by that particular transformer.

A MSEDCL official reported that the linking to the server has been completed in Congress Nagar and MIDC divisions, “We have installed 1,587 modems on distribution transformers, 281 feeders and 321 out of 323 HT consumers in these two divisions. The progress is a bit slower in rural areas but satisfactory. We have also fixed modems on 297 transformers out of the total 312, linked all 27 feeders, and installed modems on 12 out of 13 HT consumers in the rural divisions,” he said.

The official added that all the eight cross over points in rural areas have been linked to the server.

Meanwhile, MSEDCL has installed an any time payment (ATP) counter at its Trimurti Nagar office to provide better customer service. This is the third ATP in the city with the remaining two at Congress Nagar and Ajni Square offices.

Source: The Times of India