DTE to invest $200 million to modernise Detroit’s ageing power grid

USA, Michigan: DTE Energy (DTE) has started a four-year, $200 million power modernisation project, following Tuesday’s power outage in Detroit.

The plan will remove the City of Detroit from the electricity business and hand control of the grid to DTE Energy (DTE), reports Detroit Free Press.

The utility company plans to invest $200 million in new power transformers, electric cables and substations for the old Detroit grid according to DTE President Jerry Norcia.

The cause of Tuesday’s outage has been identified as a faulty cable that feeds a west side substation that has yet to undergo DTE’s modernisation. The lighting department attempted to redirect power to a different circuit, but then that circuit failed and triggered the shutdown of the whole system.

DTE President Norcia said the bad cable is probably over 50 years old. The precise reason why it failed is still to be determined.

Source: Detroit Free Press