NTDC/Discos accuses M/s 7AA of introducting low quality OLTCs

National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) in Pakistan has accused a private company of pulling strings to introduce Chinese tap changers with no proven track record to NTDC/Discos.

Managing Director of NTDC, Zia-ur-Rehman, in a letter to the Ministry of Water and Power, stated that there is no truth in alleging that the company caused Rs 9 billion loss to the national exchequer or influenced the procurement agencies to accept an inferior type of OLTC in power and auto-transformers.

The studies indicate that 60-70 % of transformer failures are caused by faulty OLTCs, which is why NTDC/Discos purchase power and auto-transformers fitted with high quality OLTCs from MR Germany or ABB with proven track record.

“Not only NTDC recommends the best quality OLTCs, but also the world-wide, main utilities of Europe, Middle East, America, Iran, Australia, Africa, etc.  purchase transformers fitted with OLTCs from MR Germany or ABB to ensure reliability of the system,” NTDC Managing Director added.

According to NTDC MD, a local agent, M/s 7AAs, is attempting to introduce Huaming Chinese made OLTCs with no track-record in the NTDC/Discos system.

The Ministry of Water and Power stated in a letter that they appreciate the NTDC’s purchase quality standards, but highlighted that the company failed to prevent the introduction of the inferior quality OLTCs from China.

NTDC MD  added that all the purchases are made by observing PPRA Rules and Procurement guidelines of the banks (ADB World Bank) which require evaluation of the equipment based on quality and lifelong durability.

Source: Business Recorder