First photovoltaic power generation park opens near Paysandu in Uruguay

Tecnova Renovables has opened the first photovoltaic private park Casalko in Constancia near Paysandu in Uruguay yesterday.

7,836 solar panels will take up 2.5 acres with 1.750 kWp of power installed to generate 2,835 MW/h per in a year to be sold to UTE. The power generation which will commence in March 2014, is equivalent to the average consumption of a thousand homes, The Telegraph reported in Paysandu.

UTE signed a purchase agreement for photovoltaic energy source to 30 years, totaling an installed capacity of 40MWp. The power will be distributed through five photovoltaic parks with Casalko in the Paysandu department being the first one under construction.

UTE will pay $ 126 per MW/h to Casalko for the first 10 years and $ 85 per MW/h for the remaining 20 years.

Casalko, located in Constancia, covers 23,000 square metres with 12,478 square metres of 7,836  photovoltaic polycrystaline panels, according to Tecnova Renovables Director of Development, Marcelo Mula San Martin.

The park will have two 900 kW power conditioners, which convert the direct current generated by photovoltaic panels to the alternating current, used by UTE. A step up transformer will be installed to take the potential to 15,000 V so it can be connected to the local electricity distribution network.

The UTE Directory member, Walter Sosa, said that “the country is experiencing an amazing transformation in recent years” and “is working to add  different forms of power generation, new types of transmission and to incorporate renewable energy, which is important and remarkable.”

Source: Republica