First ITER power transformer heading for Cadarache

France, Cadarache: After several years of research and testing, the first ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) convoy will pass through Étang de Berre today.

The first convoy heading for ITER construction site is carrying a power tranformer weighing around 80 tons which arrived from South Korea. The transformer will be connected to high-voltage substation at the construction site, reports

The convoy carrying the transformer is scheduled to leave Marseille Fos port in the late morning to cross the Caronte channel in the early afternoon and then head to a specially designed dock at the Etang de Berre. The convoy will then set off on an overnight 104 kilometre-long journey to Cadarache.

Until 2022, nearly 230 exceptional convoys are planned to carry the parts needed to build the thermonuclear experimental reactor.