Campbell River 7th Ave to be enhanced with a new power transformer

Canada, British Columbia: Campbell River substation located on the 7th Avenue of this coastal city of Vancouver Island will receive a major upgrade as part of a multi-million dollar project to begin in 2016.

As part of the project, the substation on the 7th Ave. will receive a third power transformer in addition to the existing two units, as well as up to four new feeders or circuits which will be added for the Campbell River area, reports Courier-Island.

The work will take place in two stages with the first starting in early 2016. The second stage, which includes the installation of the power transformer and related substation work, is scheduled to start around mid-2016 and be in-service in autumn 2017.

Campbell River is the power generation capital of Vancouver Island and this project will ensure increased capacity the future growth.

Source: Courier-Islander