First shipment of 253 power transformers arrives in Nepal

Nepal, Kathmandu: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has received the first delivery of 253 power transformers from LTL Holding of Sri Lanka under a contract signed for the purchase of 1,040 transformers.

The order of 1,040 power transformers includes 100 units of 15 kVA capacity, 225 of 25 kVA capacity, 350 of 50 kVA capacity, 240 of 100 kVA capacity, 100 of 200 kVA capacity and 25 units of 300 kVA capacity.

Shipments have been planned to be made in four phases, with each consignment consisting of 250 to 260 transformers, reports Ekantipur.

Before they are transported to Nepal, the transformers have to be tested at the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) in India.

According to NEA officials, Nepal’s requirement for power transformers has accumulated to 3,500 units as none have been imported for the past two and a half years.

Source: Ekantipur