Image source: Collett

172 T transformer for Collett’s new girder bridge

UK: Collett’s new 250 T capacity Goldhofer girder bridge takes on its first project transporting a super grid transformer to the National Grid’s substation.

With the National Grid’s Feckenham substation in Redditch currently being upgraded to replace ageing equipment, Collett were appointed to complete delivery of a 172 T super grid transformer from Sundon. Showcasing the latest addition to our fleet, the team mobilized the new 250 T capacity Goldhofer girder bridge to facilitate the movement of the super grid transformer to its new location almost 190 km away.

With the transformer securely loaded to the girder bridge trailer, they departed the substation site. Travelling in a push/pull formation with one 8×4 tractor unit pulling the combination and one unit pushing, the convoy began its journey with police escorts in attendance from Bedfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire constabularies. After careful route planning by the Collett Team, in liaison with both Central Bedfordshire and Worcestershire Councils, the 65.8 m combination completed the 190 km journey to Feckenham substation.

Over the course of the weekend, the team safely delivered and positioned the super grid transformer, assisting with the upgrade of Feckenham substation. The completion of this project sees Collett’s new girder bridge become an integral addition to the fleet, joining Collett’s 350 and 550 Tonne capacity Scheuerle girder bridge and offering an added flexibility for heavy transport projects.


Source: Collett