Panda Liberty transformers to cross Wysox bridge next week

USA, Pennsylvania: The closure of the Wysox bridge carrying Pennsylvania state Route 187 over the Susquehanna River for the purpose of transporting two heavy power transformers to the Panda Liberty power plant has been approved by the state Department of Transportation.

As we previously reported, the transformers which have arrived by rail in Wysox Township will need to be trucked over the bridge on the way to the Panda Liberty power plant, which is under construction in Asylum Township.

The first transformer is tentatively scheduled to be moved over the bridge on Monday, 23 February, while the second transformer is tentatively scheduled to be transported on Tuesday, 24 February, reports The Daily Review.

The entire convoy together with transformers and the truck transporting them will weigh 337 tons, which will keep the bridge closed for up to two weeks due to a bridge inspection to be conducted after the moves of the heavy load.

Source: The Daily Review

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