Columbia City looking to revamp city’s electric service

USA, Missouri: Columbia City Council will be making decision on the approval of $63.1 million bond issue to be added to the city’s electric utility revenue funds to finance a major overhaul of the city’s electric service and infrastructure.

Coming to a total of $87.5 million, the electric bond project would include the replacement of transformers and overhead and underground power lines throughout the city, reports The Columbia Daily Tribune.

Another project on the list is the construction of a new electric substation in south Columbia with power transformers and other associated electrical equipment, as well as new high-voltage transmission lines, all together estimated to cost more than $36 million.

The programme also allocates $10.3 million for updates and replacements of existing electric infrastructure and about $5 million for upgrades to the Municipal Power Plant and the Columbia Energy Centre.

Source: The Columbia Daily Tribune
Image: Grey Wanderer (CC Licence)