BC Hydro completes $16M upgrade at a Coquitlam substation

Canada, British Columbia: The Como Lake substation in Coquitlam has been energised after receiving a $16 million (CAD 20 million) upgrade which began 20 months ago.

As part of the upgrade, BC Hydro installed the new T1 transformer designed to step up or step down power voltage, as well as the new feeder building to distribute the lower voltage from the transformers, reports The Tri-City News.

The new transformer is the fifth for the substation, and the completed works will add electrical capacity for another 50,000 customers in the Tri-Cities plugged into the utility.

Built in the mid-1970s, the substation is now at maximum capacity following a series of updates performed in the 1990s.

Source: The Tri-City News

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