$1 million transformers fail to fit TCL&P electrical system

USA, Michigan: Two power transformers worth $1 million which have been custom-built for Traverse City Light & Power’s (TCL&P) LaFranier substation do not fit TCL&P electrical system.

The pair of transformers that took almost half a year to build were built last year for the utility’s new $5.5 million substation on LaFranier Road, reports Record-Eagle.

However, when technicians tried to energise the transformers, they failed to get the voltage to harmonise with the utility’s system, said TCL&P executive director, according to Record-Eagle.

It was discovered that the transformers were not properly configured because the contracted consultants sent the wrong specifications to the manufacturer. The utility is looking for them to remedy the situation and provide them with proper transformers.

Source: Record-Eagle
Image: TCL&P