Winnetka looking to protect Electric Plant transformer yard

USA, Illinois: Winnetka Village Council is looking for solutions to prolong the life of its electrical infrastructure at the lakefront Electric Plant and address the issue of the lack of fire protection of the transformer yard and generator equipment located at the plant.

As part of the transformer yard, four mineral-oil-filled power transformers, one mineral-oil-filled voltage regulator and one metal enclosed capacitor bank are located in an outdoor substation area.

While the Council has been considering the option to install fire protection measures to the transformer yard and generating units, estimated to cost $1.8 million, some trustees believe it would be better to replace the transformers for the amount it would cost to add fire protection, reports Chicago Tribune.

The Council will inspect the life of the transformers themselves before it reaches the decision on further steps. 

Source: Chicago Tribune
Image: Zol87 (CC Licence)