Secheep goes on a transformer repair mission

Secheep, an Argentinian electricity supplier has recently dealt with peak power consumption in this year’s summer season and due to expecting a similar scenario soon, the company conducted restoration of the blown and damaged transformers.

500 and 350 KVA transformers were replaced at different points all over Resistencia metropolitan area. The Casa de Gobierno transformer was also replaced because of damage.

It was reported that dozens of Secheep crews were working at various points, replacing or repairing transformers. Some of those were a part of Calle 5 and Lavalle where a 500 KVA transformer was damaged, 500 Viviendas in Barranqueras and a part of Route 1, near the Don Santiago district, where it was believed a truck or other large vehicle obstructed the supply in that area.

The head of the provincial power company, Cesar Cotichelli, said that the Secheep crews were supported by the Secretariat of Energy (la Subsecretari­a de Energia) teams.

Cotichelli apologised for the inconvenience and highlighted the brilliant team work of the Secheep and the Secretariat of Energy crews, who “devoted themselves to the task, not only in this case but also during difficult times in the past.”

Source: datachaco.com