Enbridge accident causes power surge

Enbridge, a subcontractor of the oil pipeline corporation, cut a down a tree on the 26th November, which fell onto a power line and caused a power surge in Marysville, Michigan, knocking out transformers and leaving 400-500 with no electricity or heating.

The Enbridge accidentally dropped one of the downed trees onto nearby power lines.

“The tree hit the high voltage transmission lines, which came down on the low voltage lines,” said Tom Konik, Marysville’s director of public safety. “It caused the lines to cross, causing the surge. It overloaded a lot of appliances, blew out light ballasts, and caused fixtures to arc. Within 50 minutes, we had 18 house fires reported.”

It took the fire department and Enbridge officials about four hours to estimate the extent of the damage.

The outages and damages were concentrated in the Snug Harbor and the Lost Whale block of flats,  the historic Salt Block neighborhood, and along the boardwalk.”In the subs, the power was back on by 3 a.m.,” said Konik.

Edison transformers were also damaged so some residents were out of power longer.

Konik said that a transformer fire at Bunce Creek in 1999 and a number of outages during a widespread storm in the early 2000s were nothing to compare to this incident in terms of the number of calls.

Source: The Voice

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