Transformer thief locked up for a year

The criminal court number 2 of Badajoz has imposed one year of prison to Antonio S. S., a 33 year old  who participated in the electric transformer theft on the 22nd June. The transformer was located next to Pealsa. The offender had two accomplices who have not been identified.

It was explained that the thieves broke the door lock and cut several wires on the transformers. They then seized  transformer of the Endesa brand. It was valued at $11,484. The criminals also smashed the counters and electronic equipment worth $5,880. The police arrested only Antonio S. S. as his accomplices escaped with the transformer.

The criminal was found guilty of burglary and sentenced to one year in prison. He also has to pay $3,000 compensation which will be delivered to the Pealsa plant owners.

Source: Hoy.es