A house-sized transformer on the road in Kent, UK

Last Sunday, a house-sized 18 tonne electricity transformer headed to National Grid’s Sellindge substation from Dover Docks aboard a specialist delivery vehicle which is over 75 metres long.

The transformer travelled along the A20 and the B2011 to join the M20 on the way to the substation in Sellindge, UK.

Throughout its journey the vehicle travelled at approximately 12 miles an hour. It was so big that it needed two trucks, one at the back and one at the front, to propel it.

To ensure the delivery goes as smoothly as possible, National Grid asked people to avoid parking on the road along the delivery route.

National Grid project engineer David Omer, said: “It’s our job to connect people to the energy they use and this delivery is part of that process.“

“Once operational the transformer will change the voltage of electricity so it can be transported along local power lines and delivered to homes, businesses and community facilities.”

He added: “We’ll do all we can to make sure this delivery goes as smoothly as possible. If people could please avoid parking on the route – particularly on narrow areas – it will ensure we get the transformer to Sellindge substation as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Source: National Grid UK