Image source: Siemens Energy

200 MVAr variable shunt reactor for Melina substation

Croatia: Delivering a 200 MVAr variable shunt reactor (VSR) for 400 / 220 / 110 kV Melina substation is part of the international SINCRO.GRID project financed by the European Union.

The application of state-of-the-art technological solution will solve the problems with high voltages in the transmission grid in the long run, enable reactive power regulation, and provide preconditions for the installation of additional renewable electricity sources in the existing electricity system. This project marks the installation of the second variable shunt reactor (the first being 100 MVAr VSR Mraclin substation).

The project consists of the preparation of technical documentation (detailed project design), production of the VSR, delivery of complete primary and secondary equipment, construction and electrical works, all relevant tests, final commissioning and implementation of the VSR in the Croatian power system, and, ultimately, ensuring usable permits.

As the main contractor, Siemens Energy is carrying out the project for Croatian transmission system operator HOPS. Ivica Bradić, Siemens Energy Project Manager, said, “On 23 September, we installed the VSR at 400 / 220 / 110 kV Melina substation. Over the next two months, we plan to perform all necessary tests, commissioning, and, finally, the implementation of the VSR  into the power system.”

Author: Ivona Sičaja, Siemens Energy

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