Power transformer design to be optimised by new UNSJ lab

UNSJ in Argentina has been equipped with settings for the highest voltage electricity research through national funds.

The high voltage laboratory and alternative energy research centre, which is the one of its kind in the country, opened during the President’s last visit to San Juan in October.

The laboratory boasts a tower 11 metre high, used for lightning simulation. Another tower next to it is used for measuring the voltage potential difference.

The building itself is 20 m high, 40 m long and 29 m wide.

The roof of the main building has been constructed to include solar panels and wind turbines to enable alternative energy experiments.

Some of the research conducted in the laboratory seeks to optimise the design of high voltage transformers and achieve better performance with smaller devices.

“This laboratory is used to support the productive sector in which there is a wide range of development and all kinds of trials. It seeks to optimise power transformer design in order to create power transformers with smaller dimensions. This requires cooperation with factories,” said Giuseppe Ratta , the creator and director of the Institute of Electric Power, Faculty of Engineering laboratory UNSJ.

Worth almost 20 million pesos, the laboratory was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Ratta said the project’s prestige made the search for resources credible and successful. He is confident that the laboratory will provide a substantial support for development of 500 kV network.

Source: Tiempo de San Juan