New transformer station opens in Jáuregui, Argentina

Luján Electric Cooperative (La Cooperativa Eléctrica de Luján) expanded the transformer station in Jáuregui, Argentina which now has two transformers doubling the power capacity in the area.

The station has been officially opened in the presence of the Public Works and Services Secretary of Luján, Javier Casset and councillors Mariano Ruiz Pando,  Facundo Romero, Jorge Artero and Nestor Luciani. Director of Ceramica Cortínez and  President of Villa Flandria Industrial Park, Carlos Diforti and members of the public also attended.

The Electric Cooperative President, Eduardo Selvino said that the station was modified to be more reliable and respond fast to emergencies. The new transformer will require less maintenance and reduce repair time if anything happens.

Regarding the cost of the project, the Selvino added, “This upgrade exceeded 11.39 million pesos and was financed by the FITBA (Trust Fund for the Transmission Investments in the Buenos Aires Province) funds, and utility bills of Lujan electricity consumers.

Source: Lujan en linea