Electricaribe invests $ 24 million in two substations

The capacity in Malambo will soon double due to $ 24 million investment from Electricaribe in construction and expansion of two substations. The project will benefit different areas of Barranquilla metropolitan area, Colombia.

Betty Garcia Jiménez, Electricaribe manager of the Atlantic area, indicated that the investment into the expansion of the Malambo substation is worth $ 9 million.

He explained that this substation currently has a 60 MVA transformer and the plan is to install another 60 MVA transformer so the substation capacity will double.

70 % of the expansion has already been completed and this will contribute to the energy demand of corporate sector located in the eastern part of the Department, and the Malambo, Sabanagrande, Santo Tomas and Palmar de Varela municipalities.

According to the company’s work schedule, the expansion will be completed in February 2014.

Another major Electricaribe investment worth $ 15 million,is in the new Juan Mina substation in the city.

This substation will ensure the demand of businesses and homes located on the road that goes from Barranquilla to Juan Mina village is met.

Although the project has already advanced by 80 %, there have been problems with the negotiations regarding the location of the 8 km line from the Nueva Barranquilla substation to Juan Mina.

According to García Jiménez, the electricity distribution network will also be strengthened in the Riomar resort in the north of the city with the construction of four new transmission lines feeding a 45 MVA transformer located in Nueva Barranquilla.

Source: El Heraldo