Kashmir transformer repair firms refuse to work for PDD

India, Jammu and Kashmir: Private companies in the Kashmir Valley have ceased to repair damaged transformers after Power Development Department (PDD) failed to clear their pending bills.

According to the transformer repairing firms, over the years unpaid bills have added up to $6 million, forcing the repairers not to take up any further repairing assignments from PDD, reports Kashmir Monitor.

Official records say that PDD owes more than $3 million to such ‘transformer repair firms’ in Kashmir and approximately $2.7 million to their counterparts in Jammu.

“We won’t repair even a single electricity transformer now as the government has not paid us a single rupee so far. […]  Except us, the PDD has no mechanism of its own to repair the transformers,” said the president of Kashmir Transformers Manufacturers and Repairs Association, Jalal-ud-Din Wani.

With nearly 7,500 damaged transformers lying in the PDD’s central workshop at Pampore and other districts, the Valley might face dark winters ahead unless PDD clears the liabilities accumulated over the years.

Source: Kashmir Monitor