Lenenergo upgraded substation in St. Petersburg District

Lenenergo upgraded the 110/35/10 kV substation Number 127 – Dyuny in Beloostrov village in St. Petersburg District, Russia.

The company invested about 100 million rubles in the reconstruction project. Power transformers have been replaced with more powerful and modern ones and complete new 35 kV switchgear. The substation has a new communication and remote control system, relay protection and automation system. The total capacity of the substation has been increased from 80 to 126 MVA.

The Dyuny substation Number 127 was built in 1977. It produces electricity for St. Petersburg District and Leningrad Region, including Sertolovo and Sestroretsk cities, large villages Beloostrov and Pesochnyy , as well as the NN Petrova Institute of Oncology and the Beloostrov railway station. In addition, the increased capacity of the substation will allow new consumers to access one of the fastest growing areas of the city .

Source: vi.ru.gazeta