GridSense announces the BushingIQ® sale to Weidmann Diagnostic Solutions

GridSense Inc., an Acorn Energy company announced the sale of the BushingIQ® product line to Weidmann Diagnostic Solutions Inc..

BushingIQ® measures a transformer’s bushing insulation power factor continuously, under load and in all weather conditions directly on the bushing. It also provides accurate and early indication of incipient bushing failure. It not only determines internal insulation integrity, but also identifies external issues that can affect performance, such as pollution-related surface contamination.

“The BushingIQ® product line is an excellent fit for Weidmann’s growing portfolio of power transformer monitoring systems. Bushings are a major cause of catastrophic transformer failure and should be a part of an overall monitoring strategy for large power and sub-station class assets. We believe the BushingIQ® technology is the best available in the industry and we look forward to continued success with the product line,” said Jeff Goolgasian, President of Weidmann Diagnostic Solutions Inc..

“Divesting BushingIQ® allows GridSense to streamline its manufacturing operations and concentrate on our core suite of products aimed primarily at the distribution transformer segment. This transaction is a true benefit for both organizations,” stated Joe Musanti, President of GridSense.

Weidmann will produce the BushingIQ®  under the InsuLogix® B brand name and assumes all warranty, customer and technical support activities for installed units.

Source: Acorn Energy, Inc.