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Siemens launches transformer solutions for US power grid resiliency

Siemens has announced a power transformer technology portfolio engineered and adapted to address resiliency and power security challenges in the U.S. market, and help utilities respond to the new pressures to invest in protecting and updating their transformers to be able to react in cases of emergency.

The portfolio of solutions includes new mobile resiliency transformers that allow rapid replacement of units and fast energization, a bullet-resistant transformer protection systems to help protect the grid against physical security threats, synthetic or natural ester oil filled transformers for an environmentally-safe solution in ecologically sensitive areas, and transformers designed for geomagnetically-induced current (GIC) resistance to protect the grid against solar storms, according to the manufacturer.

The solutions are designed so as to meet the U.S. regulatory standards.

Source: Siemens
Image: Siemens